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Dental Implant Dental Implant

If missing or damaged teeth have disrupted your smile, dental implants can restore your grin.  We'll examine your teeth, jaw, and gums, and we'll work with your Dentist to design an appropriate orthodontic treatment plan.  Call us today at 610-872-7274 to arrange a FREE consultation.


Depending on your needs, your cycle of treatment may vary.  Some conditions may require an oral surgeon or periodontist, and we'll be glad to refer you if that's the case.

An attractive solution for missing or damaged teeth

Precisely crafted crowns

Unlike a bridge, a dental implant is a precisely crafted solution to a missing tooth. A bridge fills the gap with an appliance attached to the neighboring teeth, but an implant is carefully built to go right into the empty space. There's no need to disturb or alter the neighboring teeth.


Most dental implants are highly successful and last for many years. Certain factors such as your overall health, smoking, and the amount of bone available to support the implant affect your implants.  We will be glad to explore those variables during your initial consultation and with your general dentist. Contact our office today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.

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