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Improve your confidence and your dental health with professional care from Brookhaven Orthodontics. The smile you've always wanted can be yours, no matter how young or old you may be.


Straighter smiles aren't just for teens. New technology makes orthodontic care accessible to people of every age, so you can smile with pride at any stage of life. Keep reading to learn more, and then call 610-872-7274 for a FREE consultation.

Smile with confidence

Silver smiles can be a thing of the past

The traditional stereotype of someone with braces imagines a shiny metallic smile that immediately lets everyone know that you're wearing them. The silver braces are still around, but new technologies have developed more stylish and subdued options, including clear and color braces.


For the ultimate in virtually invisible teeth straightening, we recommend the Invisalign system. We can build a series of custom-fitted clear plastic straighteners that fit over your teeth. Since there are no wires and no metal brackets, the process is nearly undetectable.

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Orthodontic Care for the

Young and Old Alike

A full suite of orthodontic treatments

  • Interceptive (phase 1) orthodontic treatment for younger patients

  • Full orthodontic treatment for teenagers and adults

  • Clear (ceramic) brackets

  • Stainless steel brackets

  • Self-ligating brackets

  • Invisalign orthodontic aligners

  • Invisalign Teen orthodontic aligners

  • ClearCorrect aligners